Health & Social Care Well-being Training

In this 1-hour, in-person or online well-being training, we’ll explore the characteristics and techniques needed to help the people you support change their behaviour and maintain healthier lifestyle choices. The training has been developed in partnership with The Grange at Bookham and encourages discussion and the sharing of best practice with every member of the care team. Workers in Health & Social Care already have all of the attributes of an effective counsellor. This training has been developed to enhance their care toolkit by learning psychological techniques to elicit behaviour change.

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What will we cover?

  1. Recommended amount of weekly exercise & the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Diet and using BMI and BMR to recommend changes to eating habits.
  3. Types of motivation.
  4. Techniques to elicit behaviour change.
  5. Reasons for weight gain among those you support & potential solutions.
  6. Being SMART when setting goals.
  7. Q & A and setting department goals.

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