Find a Personal Trainer for Disabled People Near You

Our trainers are specialists in working with people with chronic illness and disabilities and carefully prescribe adaptive exercises to help you redefine your limits, achieve your goals and improve your quality of life. Having gone through a thorough selection process which includes checking insurance, qualifications and certificates you can have piece of mind that your TG Fitness trainer has the skills necessary to ensure a safe exercise environment. Our network of trainers is always expanding as we aim to help as many people as possible with trainers currently serving Surrey and online.

Outside our area of travel? Look for your nearest trainer on TherapiLink

TG Fitness Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Specialist, and Health Coach Directory for Chronic Health Conditions & Disabilities

We believe that everyone deserves access to expert guidance and tailored support. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce TherapiLink, your gateway to a network of highly skilled professionals specialising in working with people just like you.

TherapiLink connects you with:

✅ Specialist Personal Trainers: Experts in adaptive fitness, ensuring your workout routines are safe and effective.
✅ Rehabilitation Specialists: Providing targeted therapies to aid in recovery and improve daily functionality.
✅ Health Coaches: Guiding you towards sustainable lifestyle changes and mental well-being.



We can Find a Trainer in your Area

Our network of trainers is always growing as we aspire to support everyone with a disability or chronic illness in accessing specialist fitness, rehabilitation and wellbeing services. If we do not currently have a service provider in your area, but you would like us to find one for you, then please complete the contact form.

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