Disability Personal Training - Online

Have you found it challenging to find a first class health and well-being service which specialises in disability and chronic illness?

As many people around the world are beginning to self isolate and maintain social distancing due to covid-19 or coronavirus this search is even more challenging. The need to increase and maintain good cardiovascular health has never been greater and I am delighted to be offering online training sessions to support your physical and mental well-being through this challenging time. These sessions are performed remotely using high definition video to connect you with a personal trainer that specialises in working with disabled people and people with chronic illnesses.

We help clients reach their goals and increase their independence with bespoke exercise and training programmes.

What we Offer

  1. FREE Taster Session
  2. Exercise in the comfort of home
  3. Bespoke training sessions designed to meet your specific needs and training environment
  4. Expert knowledge to ensure you exercise safely
  5. Set and reach your goals 
  6. Motivation to exercise

Our personal trainers maintain relevant insurance and hold advanced qualifications.

Increase your Fitness, Health and Performance

In Locomotor Skills
0 %
In Cardiovascular Endurance
0 %
In Muscular Endurance
0 %
In Core Stability
0 %

We've Helped Clients

  1. Lose & manage their weight
  2. Increase their mobility, balance and coordination
  3. Improved their ability to perform activities of daily living (going up stairs, standing up from a chair etc)
  4. Improved the symptoms of current medical conditions (Lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol etc)
  5. Reduced their symptoms of current medical conditions (Gout, osteoarthritis & osteoporosis, asthma etc)
  6. Reduced their risk of a variety of medical conditions (Cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia)
  7. Increased their confidence, visual self image and mental health
  8. Exercise independently taking responsibility for their own health and well-being and enjoying the benefits for many years to come
  9. Recover from accidents and operations


“TG fitness has helped me lose weight and to be more active! I enjoy the different exercises.”
“It’s good that I can have help exercising at home and I now know what’s healthy and what isn’t healthy.”
“I like doing all of the exercises and it’s helped me lose almost 2 stone.”
“It’s helped me with my weight because I was obese, but now I’m eating healthier and I exercise more which helps me get more fit and with me CP.”
“I like running and doing press ups. It’s helping me keep fit and lose weight.”
“I really like our sessions because it’s helping me lose weight to get back into horse riding.”

How it Works

We use the google meet conferencing facility. This is a browser-based video chat platform and mobile apps are available on both the play and app stores to connect from a mobile device or tablet/ iPad.
– I will share an event link with you via email. Clicking the link from a mobile or tablet for the first time gives you the option to download the app. 
– All you need to do is click the link and follow the on-screen instructions (share camera and microphone) and click join meeting.
– You’re now ready to enjoy your training session in high definition.
Pricing for Online Sessions:
From £25 per 30-Minutes

Book a FREE Taster Session

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