Empower Your Health Journey with a Personalised Exercise Program

Why TG Fitness

We have specialised in crafting personalised exercise and training programs designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients, working exclusively with people with chronic health conditions and disabilities. With a firm dedication to inclusivity and accessibility, we are committed to empowering people to achieve their health and fitness aspirations.

Have you struggled to find a top-tier health and wellness service that caters specifically to you? In 2010, during my undergraduate dissertation research, I stumbled upon a government report highlighting the Health Inequalities disabled people face. This sparked my journey to fill the gap in the fitness industry. Despite the lack of options, I was determined to provide a solution.

If you’ve been searching for a disability personal training service to enhance your own health and well-being or to support someone in your care, TG Fitness is here to help. Through meticulously crafted exercise and training programs, we’ve assisted countless clients in reaching their fitness goals and gaining greater independence. Experience the difference with TG Fitness today.

Your Trainer- Tom Green

“My own battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) serves as a constant source of motivation, driving me to empower others in overcoming their own challenges. Through the journey of making small, consistent changes every day, I’ve experienced a profound transformation in my life. It’s my sincere hope to extend this support to you, guiding you towards your own path of triumph and renewed vitality.”

Empower your Health Journey

Step 1: Book Your Bespoke Exercise Program Appointment

Kickstart your journey to improved health and fitness by scheduling a personalised consultation with me. During this 1-hour session, we’ll delve into your medical history, discuss your goals, aspirations, and any specific requirements you may have. My aim is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs, enabling me to tailor an exercise program perfectly suited to you.

Step 2: Receive Your Bespoke 12-Week Exercise Program

Following your consultation, I will meticulously craft three exercise programs, each designed to guide you through the next 12 weeks of your fitness journey.

Weeks 1-4: Train
In this phase, I’ll focus on laying down the foundational elements of your fitness routine. You’ll engage in exercises tailored to your abilities, gradually building strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Weeks 5-8: Develop
Now that you’ve established a solid groundwork, it’s time to gradually increase the intensity and progress further. I’ll introduce more challenging workouts aimed at enhancing your skills, refining your techniques, and pushing you towards your goals.

Weeks 9-12: Enhance
In this phase, I’ll fine-tune your exercise program to maximise your results. You’ll train at a higher intensity and perform more advanced exercises, working towards achieving your desired level of fitness.

Step 3: Optimise Your Progress with Review Sessions and 1-to-1 Training

Throughout your 12-week program, I offer the flexibility to schedule review sessions if you feel adjustments are needed to optimise your progress. Additionally, for those seeking extra support and motivation, I provide the option of 1-to-1 training sessions. These sessions are designed to keep you motivated, educated, and on track, ensuring you get the most out of your exercise program.

Step 4: Continue Your Journey to Greater Wellness

Congratulations on completing your 12-week exercise program! As you’ve experienced first-hand, commitment and dedication yield remarkable results. But your journey to optimal health and fitness doesn’t end here—it’s only the beginning.

To maintain and further enhance your progress, we encourage you to re-enrol in our program. By continuing your tailored exercise regimen, you’ll build upon the foundation you’ve established, redefining your limits, and reaching new heights of fitness.

I’m here to support you every step of the way. With ongoing guidance, motivation, and personalised training, we’ll help you set new goals, overcome challenges, and achieve even greater levels of strength, flexibility, and vitality.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste—renew your commitment to health and wellness, and embark on the next phase of your journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll access your program seamlessly through Rehab Guru, a reliable Exercise Prescribing platform trusted by various healthcare sectors, including private practices, the NHS, and even the UK Ministry of Defence. Your exercise prescription will be available on the Rehab Guru Client app, compatible with both Android and Apple devices, as well as accessible through any web browser. Rest assured, accessing and following your personalised program will be convenient and user-friendly, empowering you to embark on your wellness journey with ease.

If you discover that the prescribed exercise program isn’t quite meeting your expectations, don’t worry. Your satisfaction and progress are paramount to me. You’re entitled to one complimentary review session, included with your program. During this session, we’ll address any concerns or adjustments needed to tailor your program. To schedule your review, simply contact me directly using the details provided during your initial consultation. Your journey to better health is my priority, and together, we’ll ensure your program aligns with your needs and goals.

Your exercise frequency will depend on your individual goals, current fitness level, and any medical considerations. Typically, I recommend training 2 times per week, with rest days interspersed as needed to allow for recovery and optimal progress.

Absolutely! My programs are designed to be inclusive and adaptable to various abilities and physical conditions. I have worked exclusively with people with chronic health conditions and disabilities since 2010, and will work closely with you to customise exercises that accommodate your unique needs, ensuring a safe and effective workout tailored to your capabilities.

Yes, I recognise that starting a fitness journey can be intimidating, which is why I’m committed to providing ongoing support and guidance throughout your program. By completing the feedback sections in your exercise programs, your profile will be continuously updated, allowing me to monitor your progress and tailor my support accordingly. Whether you have questions, need motivation, or require minor adjustments to your exercises, simply provide your feedback, and I’ll review it promptly, offering personalised advice and assistance. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to book review sessions, schedule 1-to-1 training sessions, and communicate directly with me to ensure your success and satisfaction. Your journey to better health is my priority, and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Accessing your Exercise Prescription

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Increase your Fitness, Health and Performance

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Average Performance Increase of 8 Clients after 12 weeks of Personal Training 1 to 1

I've Helped Clients Like You

  1. Lose & manage their weight
  2. Increase their mobility, balance and coordination
  3. Improved their ability to perform activities of daily living (going up stairs, standing up from a chair etc)
  4. Improved the symptoms of current medical conditions (Lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol etc)
  5. Reduced their symptoms of current medical conditions (Gout, osteoarthritis & osteoporosis, asthma etc)
  6. Reduced their risk of a variety of medical conditions (Cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia)
  7. Increased their confidence, visual self image and mental health
  8. Helped them recover from accidents and operations


“TG fitness has helped me lose weight and to be more active! I enjoy the different exercises.”
“It’s good that I can have help exercising at home and I now know what’s healthy and what isn’t healthy.”
“I like doing all of the exercises and it’s helped me lose almost 2 stone.”
“It’s helped me with my weight because I was obese, but now I’m eating healthier and I exercise more which helps me get more fit and with me CP.”
“I like running and doing press ups. It’s helping me keep fit and lose weight.”
“I really like our sessions because it’s helping me lose weight to get back into horse riding.”
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