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Personal Training & Rehabilitation for Disabled People, Older Adults & Chronic Health Conditions

Redefine your limits with our inclusive personal training services specialising in the rehabilitation of disabled people and people with chronic health conditions. We believe that everyone, regardless of their abilities, deserves access to fitness and wellness services that cater to their unique needs. Our network of skilled and experienced trainers will work closely with you to create a bespoke fitness plan that works with your body and fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to improve your mobility, reduce pain, or simply feel healthier and more energised, we’re here to help. Start your fitness journey with us today and join our inclusive community!


All TG Fitness trainers maintain relevant insurance and follow the industries code of conduct.

Expert Advice

Qualified to an advanced level in their area of expertise, our trainers supply clients with bespoke training programmes.

Improve your Health

We use a variety of tests and assessments to measure your health demonstrating the effectiveness of the service.


If we don't have a trainer in your area then we can refer you to another specialist trainer throughout the UK.

Personal Training

Personalised training sessions led by Tom Green, a specialist personal trainer with over a decade of expertise. Whether it's 1-to-1 or small group training, my tailored approach educates and motivates you to reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training Online

Embrace the convenience and flexibility of exercising from your home's comfort with our online personal training sessions. Led by Tom Green, these sessions offer tailored guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals on your schedule.

Bespoke Exercise Program

Empower your health with personalised exercise programs crafted to align with your unique needs and aspirations. My tailored approach ensures that your fitness journey is optimised to help you achieve your goals.

Care and Nursing Home

Elevate the health and well-being of your residents through specialised exercise sessions. My training program focusses on promoting mobility, balance, strength, and overall vitality, ensuring each resident receives personalised support.

Care Staff Wellbeing Training

Empower health and social care professionals to facilitate positive behaviour changes and promote healthier lifestyle choices. Our program equips caregivers with the knowledge and tools necessary to promote well-being for their clients.

Find your Nearest Disability Trainer

Interested in training in person, but outside of our area? We can refer you to trainers throughout the UK.

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We Offer Comprehensive Support for Various Conditions and Disabilities

At TG Fitness, our primary goal is to enhance the wellbeing of people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. We achieve this by connecting them with skilled health and fitness experts. Our mission revolves around crafting custom physical education and exercise programmes, designed to empower our clients in reaching their health objectives. All our efforts are rooted in a commitment to equal opportunity, fully aligned with the Equality Act 2010.

We’re equally passionate about fostering healthy lifestyle choices. To achieve this, we provide accessible information, valuable advice, and promote behaviour change in line with the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

At TG Fitness, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive personal training and rehabilitation services, catering to a wide range of needs and abilities. With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in working with people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, our mission is to make a positive impact on peoples lives.

🌟 Introducing TherapiLink 🌟

We believe that everyone deserves access to expert guidance and tailored support. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce TherapiLink, your gateway to a network of highly skilled professionals specialising in working with people just like you.

TherapiLink connects you with:

✅ Specialist Personal Trainers: Experts in adaptive fitness, ensuring your workout routines are safe and effective.
✅ Rehabilitation Specialists: Providing targeted therapies to aid in recovery and improve daily functionality.
✅ Health Coaches: Guiding you towards sustainable lifestyle changes and mental well-being.

A Akhtar
A Akhtar
Doing exercise with a chronic illness can be difficult and finding someone who understands your needs can also be quite difficult. Tom has been a great help to ease me into exercise slowly and at my own pace. He's understanding and patient with me and really helped me figure out what exercises help my body. He also understands when I'm unwell I can't do a session, so always tries to fit me in when I'm better. Definitely recommend Tom if you have a disability/chronic illness and would like to get into exercise.
Hannah MacDonald
Hannah MacDonald
Tom is amazing! Knowledgable, understanding and motivating. My fitness has greatly improved since seeing him and I now have greater mobility and quality of life as a result. 😊 Thank you Tom!
Vivien Grant
Vivien Grant
TGFitnessUK is great! Tom is highly skilled, very motivating with a gentle manner. He provides a programme for my personal needs. He has definitely improved my fitness with weekly sessions. I would highly recommend him.
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 20 reviews)
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Tom has worked wonders!

Tom has been working with my brother, who has learning disabilities, for over a year. He has motivated D to eat more healthily and to move more. As a result of Tom’s encouragement and perseverance D has lost 20% of his body weight! A fantastic achievement! Thank you Tom!


Response from TG Fitness

Thank you so much for your kind words, Val! It’s been incredibly rewarding working with D and seeing his progress. It’s a pleasure to be a part of his journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

He is funny

Helping me with my physio exercises and healthy eating.


Response from TG Fitness

Thank you, Vicky! I’m glad to hear that you find our sessions enjoyable and beneficial. It’s important to make physio exercises and healthy eating a positive experience. Keep up the great work, and I’m here to support you every step of the way!

Highly Recommend!

Tom at TG Fitness has been nothing short of exceptional in guiding me through my fitness journey. His dedication, knowledge, and genuine care for his clients shine through in every session. From the moment I started working with him, I knew I was in good hands.

Tom’s unique approach goes beyond just physical training; he understands the importance of motivation and managing fatigue, and he tailors each session to my ability. He not only pushes me to achieve my fitness goals but also ensures I do so safely and effectively.

Under his guidance, I’ve seen remarkable progress both in my physical abilities and mental resilience. Tom’s encouragement and support have been invaluable in keeping me motivated, even on the toughest days.

I can confidently say that Tom is not just a personal trainer, but a true mentor who genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being. If you’re looking for a transformative training experience, look no further than Tom at TG Fitness. Highly recommended!


Response from TG Fitness

Stine, thank you for your trust and for allowing me to be a part of your fitness journey. It’s incredibly rewarding to see your progress and resilience grow with each session. Your dedication is inspiring, and I’m honoured to support you every step of the way. Let’s continue working together to achieve even greater heights!

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